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3 Parts Dead

3 Parts Dead (EP) (2013)

3 Parts Dead (EP)

The Strange Avenues

Bacchanalia (EP) (2012)

Pretty Little Suicide

Pretty Little Suicide (EP) (2010)

01. Working Man Blues

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02. Hollywood Moonlight

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03. K.M.A.G.

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04. Cope

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05. Pretty Little Suicide

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04/17/13 - Boston Strong
In light of the horrific events of this past Monday, for the rest of April we'd like to donate some of the proceeds from our EP, tshirts, and stickers, to a marathon relief fund. The kind words and well wishes we've received from all of you were incredible, and now we'd like to pass some of that good will along. So for the next few weeks, 100% of digital sales and stickers, as well as everything we receive above cost for the tshirts and physical discs. If you don't have a copy of the record yet, now's your chance to get some great rock n' roll, or a killer t-shirt, and give back to some fine folks who's lives have been forever changed. If you've already got a copy, feel free to share this around, or we encourage you to donate directly to the cause of your choice. You all rock!

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03/19/13 - An open letter from PLS
An open letter to all of our friends and fans...

We know we've been keeping awfully quiet for a while now, and we just wanted to say we're sorry. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes in PLS, and it's been a confusing and hectic time, and we just wanted to get our ducks in a row before we clued you all in. Unfortunately, things kept coming up and the ducks kept getting knocked out of whack. Well, we're pretty close to being in order now, so here goes.

It all started back in August when our singer/lead guitarist Ed quit the band, which was a deeply saddening event for us all. Ed has his thoughts on what happened, or what should have, and we have ours - suffice it to say they are dramatically different. His departure made things confusing for a while, but we were fortunate enough to have Fitz step up on lead guitar, and Mike was willing to try singing, so we made the tough decision to carry on.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it, and as we were preparing to go into the studio to record some new music for you all, Izzy informed us he had to step down for personal reasons. As any of you who have met Izzy know, this was heartbreaking news. Again fortune smiled upon us though, and we were lucky enough to have Ramon step up to the plate on drums.

So, meet the new band - Mike Patton on vocals & guitar, Mike "Fitz" Fitzback shredding away on the lead guitar, JC (the Boston Bassman) thundering away on bass guitar, and Ramon Miquilena shaking the earth behind the kit.

And when we say the new band, we mean it. Along with the new faces, the sound of Pretty Little Suicide has changed over the years, to the point where we are a new band. So along with the new faces and the new sound, we've made the difficult but exciting decision to adopt a new name. As of right now, Pretty Little Suicide will be known as 3 Parts Dead.

For those of you who are saddened by this news, fear not - 3 Parts Dead will be releasing our debut album in just a few weeks, kicking things off with a party downstairs at the Middle East in Boston, MA on Friday, April 5th. We're so excited about this record and this lineup that if you contact us for tickets ($10), we'll give you a copy of it.

So that's about it. We love you all and truly appreciate the overwhelming support you've shown us over the years, and we hope you'll continue to show it for this new venture. We encourage you to come join the new party at www.3partsdead.com, and on Facebook.

Yours in rock n' roll,

Pretty Little Suicide / 3 Parts Dead

PS - we're a little late in getting these out to you, but we recorded a couple of PLS tracks for one last hurrah. Head on over to www.PrettyLittleSuicideBand.com/farewell to download KMAG, and Without You (featuring original PLS singer Paul Calnan!).

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03/19/13 - We're excited to bring you 3 Parts Dead!
We're stoked to announce this killer new project, and we hope you guys will come along for what's sure to be a crazy ride! You can read more about how 3 Parts Dead came about at www.PrettyLittleSuicideBand.com/farewell.

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