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Boston StrongIn light of the horrific events of this past Monday, for the rest of April we'd like to donate some of the proceeds from our EP, tshirts, and stickers, to a marathon relief fund. The kind words and well wishes we've received from all of you were incredible, and now we'd like to pass some of that good will along. So for the next few weeks, 100% of digital sales and stickers, as well as everything we receive above cost for the tshirts and physical discs. If you don't have a copy of the record yet, now's your chance to get some great rock n' roll, or a killer t-shirt, and give back to some fine folks who's lives have been forever changed. If you've already got a copy, feel free to share this around, or we encourage you to donate directly to the cause of your choice. You all rock!

-- Mike


An open letter from PLSAn open letter to all of our friends and fans...

We know we've been keeping awfully quiet for a while now, and we just wanted to say we're sorry. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes in PLS, and it's been a confusing and hectic time, and we just wanted to get our ducks in a row before we clued you all in. Unfortunately, things kept coming up and the ducks kept getting knocked out of whack. Well, we're pretty close to being in order now, so here goes.

It all started back in August when our singer/lead guitarist Ed quit the band, which was a deeply saddening event for us all. Ed has his thoughts on what happened, or what should have, and we have ours - suffice it to say they are dramatically different. His departure made things confusing for a while, but we were fortunate enough to have Fitz step up on lead guitar, and Mike was willing to try singing, so we made the tough decision to carry on.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it, and as we were preparing to go into the studio to record some new music for you all, Izzy informed us he had to step down for personal reasons. As any of you who have met Izzy know, this was heartbreaking news. Again fortune smiled upon us though, and we were lucky enough to have Ramon step up to the plate on drums.

So, meet the new band - Mike Patton on vocals & guitar, Mike "Fitz" Fitzback shredding away on the lead guitar, JC (the Boston Bassman) thundering away on bass guitar, and Ramon Miquilena shaking the earth behind the kit.

And when we say the new band, we mean it. Along with the new faces, the sound of Pretty Little Suicide has changed over the years, to the point where we are a new band. So along with the new faces and the new sound, we've made the difficult but exciting decision to adopt a new name. As of right now, Pretty Little Suicide will be known as 3 Parts Dead.

For those of you who are saddened by this news, fear not - 3 Parts Dead will be releasing our debut album in just a few weeks, kicking things off with a party downstairs at the Middle East in Boston, MA on Friday, April 5th. We're so excited about this record and this lineup that if you contact us for tickets ($10), we'll give you a copy of it.

So that's about it. We love you all and truly appreciate the overwhelming support you've shown us over the years, and we hope you'll continue to show it for this new venture. We encourage you to come join the new party at, and on Facebook.

Yours in rock n' roll,

Pretty Little Suicide / 3 Parts Dead

PS - we're a little late in getting these out to you, but we recorded a couple of PLS tracks for one last hurrah. Head on over to to download KMAG, and Without You (featuring original PLS singer Paul Calnan!).

-- Mike


We're excited to bring you 3 Parts Dead!We're stoked to announce this killer new project, and we hope you guys will come along for what's sure to be a crazy ride! You can read more about how 3 Parts Dead came about at

-- Mike


Getting Excited for Rocklahoma!We're finishing up work on the cd and getting excited to head out to see you all!

-- Mike


TSA featured in ETC!ETC: Employment Through Craigslist is a great new web series by Boston improv comics/actors/writers Matt Catanzano and Rich Moriarty ( In addition to being hilarious, the fourth episode features the TSA track 'I Don't Care'! So give it a watch, and let 'em know you want to hear some more TSA tunes on the show.

-- Mike


Sorry for the infrequent updates...Hey! It's been a busy few months, which has translated to me failing to update this site as much as I should. I do a little better at keeping facebook updated, so feel free to find me there at

Apologies aside, what have I been up to?

PLS has been busy recording the new album (almost done!), and playing some shows. We played with LA Guns in March, which was a blast, and now we're gearing up to return to Rocklahoma (with Slash, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, etc.) in May, and then looking forward to dates with Skid Row and more after that.

And of course, there's my new project, The Strange Avenues (well, not so new anymore). We put out our debut EP, Bacchanalia, and have begun playing out in support of that. You can pick up a copy of the EP at our shop. I've also been learning and rehearsing tracks with Greg Allen, so hopefully you'll have a chance to the results of that sometime soon.

What's on the horizon? More rock n' roll! PLS and TSA are both booking shows, and my plan is just to spend as much time playing rock guitar as humanly possible. So keep your ears to the ground as we keep announcing dates, and we'll do our best to play a show in your neck of the woods. Hopefully I'll do a better job keeping you up to date here, but you should also check and Rock n' roll!

-- Mike


Catch PLS 3/27/12 on BleachBangs RadioThat's right, PLS will be live on BleachBangs Radio 3/27 to debut the new album, talk about Rocklahoma, new video, tours, and more... Don't miss it...

-- Mike


Rocklahoma...Well you asked for it, pushed for it, and pretty much demanded it... We're proud to say that PLS will be back at Rocklahoma for our 2nd year in a row. Not only will you be able to catch PLS live playing brand new songs off our brand new album, but you'll be able to walk over to the Retrospect booth and get your own signed copy of... You didn't think we'd tell you the name of the album yet, did you?

-- Mike


Up to my eyeballs in rock n' rollHope everyone's Halloween and Thanksgiving went well, and that you're all gearing up nicely for Christmas (or Hanukkah) to come.

Holidays aside, I've spent the last few months up to my eyeballs in rock n' roll. Pretty Little Suicide continues to churn away in the studio, although we took a welcome break to play a quickie up in Salisbury MA at Uncle Eddie's - thanks to everyone who came out! Now it's back to mixing/recording/polishing, so we can get you these tracks!! The Strange Avenues have likewise been busy in the studio, and I'm happy to say we're just about done recording (we'll be finished by this weekend), and then it's just a week or two to mix and master, and we're still on track for a December release.

Whenever I've managed to get away from the studio, I've been either writing tracks with the inimitable Greg Allen, or playing with the Brigands (with a solo appearance or two tucked in there as well).

Sorry the updates have been few and far between, but hopefully I'll make up for it by getting you some new tracks in time for the holidays. Rock n' roll!

-- Mike


Great sounds are coming!With both PLS and The Strange Avenues in the studio, life is good! With PLS, we've been playing around with some different mixes for the re-release of the EP, and things are sounding great. A new sound for what is essentially a new band. On the TSA front, the tracks are coming along nicely and sounding killer. If you ask REAL nice, maybe I'll post some demos for you to check out... Or it should be released sometime in November. In the meantime, you can preview the tunes acoustically when we play The Greatest Bar on 11/2.

-- Mike


New tracks coming soon!That's right folks! I'm in the studio with Pretty Little Suicide making headway on our full-length debut. While it will probably be a little while before the full album is released, expect to see the first single, as well as the re-release of the self-titled EP, over the next few weeks. Additionally, the Strange Avenues will be stopping by the studio in mid-October to lay some tracks down for an EP. Plenty of rock n' roll coming your way!

-- Mike


Getting the new site up and running!That's right! It's that time of year again, for me to re-invent! Bear with me while we work to get everything up and running and fully functional. This will be the place to check to see what's going on with all of my assorted projects (along with my Facebook). Of course, your best source of info for my main project, Pretty Little Suicide, is still

-- Mike


PLS lands most votes in first round of radio contest!Thanks to the efforts of all of their friends, fans and supports, the first round of the WAAF/Cabo Wabo Your Shot to Rock contest has ended with PLS in the lead for votes. The finals round begins Wednesday, June 22, and lasts through the 29th.

"As a band, we are honored and humbled by the love and support everyone has shown us in this contest. You guys are all awesome! Now let's kick even more ass in the finals!!!" - Mike

-- Mike


Thanks Rocklahoma!!!After two amazing shows at the Rocklahoma festival in Pryor, OK (alongside Motley Crue, Staind, Hinder, Poison, Papa Roach, Black Label Society, and the Gypsy Pistoleros amongst others), Pretty Little Suicide is back in Boston. The band saw many old friends, and made even more new ones, and would like to thank everyone who came out and made it such a great experience. So what's next? First up, hoping for a speedy recovery of lead guitarist/singer Ed Earle, who got home just in time for long overdue shoulder surgery. As soon as Ed is recovered, the band plans to take some time to play local and regional dates, before embarking on late summer/fall touring, hopefully to coincide with the release of the full length album. Check back for more details!

-- Mike


Izzy endorses Pork Pie DrumsIzzy Rock officially endorses Pork Pie drums! "Happy to announce and im psyched to be endorsed by, the worlds best drum company!! PORK PIE DRUMS! kit is being built and it'll be ready to kick ass in time ROCKLAHOMA!"

-- Mike


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